We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

Testimonials MaryRoseHecksel AuD Tony Benavides"MaryRose is a person I would recommend to everyone. She is a wonderful and caring person. She gives excellent care and is an excellent person to be with. The first time I came here, I was very pleased with the care and everything she did for me and I would recommend her to anyone."


Dr. Knight Testimonial MaryRose Hecksel AuD

What do you say about the person who saved your career? Dr. MaryRose Hecksel is  a competent, character filled, compassionate doctor who communicates directly to you. I am enjoying hearing the sounds of life once again because of MaryRose." 

Dr. Phil Knight, CEO of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Michigan

testimonials, john peek, MaryRose Hecksel AuD"I have never enjoyed hearing aids before as much as my new Starkey & SurfLink devices. They are so easy to use; I am hearing things I have never been able to hear before. I have had other hearing aids through the years, but nothing like these. I can actually have a conversation with my wife where ever it may be, whether it be at home, traveling etc & actually hear what she is saying. I can stream TV, radio, etc & hear through my hearing aids not having to turn the volume up on the TV, radio etc. & causing discomfort to others watching or hearing same, I can exercise walking around & stream the radio, a cd, or the TV through my hearing aids as well without bothering others. It is absolutely amazing to hear things like never before!! I highly recommend anyone with hearing problems to try these. MaryRose is a fantastic Audiologist & her staff there as well; they will help you out!" - John


The professionalism and care provided by this office have been exceptional. I am very thankful to find such a great office!

Amy W.

Dr. MaryRose and staff are kind and helpful. Hearing loss is a journey, first denial, then acceptance and the desire to hear what people are saying. I can call with questions or go into the office if I need adjustments. It is a learning process, how to use hearing aides. Get the fit right, the different hearing levels to how I like it, how to turn them on and off. I feel comfortable asking the same questions as I learn more, or remember more, with time. They offer ear wax cleaning, using a tool that sprays gentle warm water into ear canal to release ear wax. Dr. MaryRose and staff work to assist you, as you incorporate wearing hearing aides in your life.

Valarie K.

Have been to her office twice and next visit will have my new hearing aids. MaryRose and her receptionist are marvelous. So glad my Dr. Pamela Thompson referred me to her.

Thank you Dr. Pam

Sherrie S.

Amazing practice! Definitely returning.

Ryan L.

TL;DR. After 37 years of hearing aids and audiologist I highly recommend MaryRose to anyone.

A little about myself. I am 42 and have been hard of hearing all my life. Both inner ears are missing the stapes bone. Resulting in near 50% hearing loss. As a result I need good hearing aids to hear properly.

As a child my parents took me to MSU audiology. As a young man I went to other places which were all nice. It was roughly a little over 10 years ago that I needed the assistance of MRS "Michigan Rehabilitation Services“ which suggested MaryRose as a second quote.

MaryRose took extra attention and questions that I never experienced before with an audiologist. We went over the different options and what my needs were. She even pointed out new features that might help my day to day.

Going from Analog to digital hearing aids was a big step and a big learning curve. We first started out with tiny hearing aids that have speakers in the ear. At first with the rubber easy in and out rubber flaps like earbuds have. We found out that didn't retain enough sound for me. So we did ear molds which were a dramatic improvement for me.

The big problem for me is that I sweat a lot in the summer. Even standing still. So my next set of hearing aids Phonak just came out with water resistant hearing aids. This time we went with mic and speakers in one unit and tubes to ear molds. These proved to be better than the last ones and lasted a little over 5 years. The biggest downside is that I needed to send a hearing aid in each year to be repaired.

At some point MaryRose started looking into other companies due to the quality of Phonaks no longer impressed her. After a few years of working with Starkey she recommended them for my next set.

Which they exceed the volume and feature set of the previous ones. Having a phone directly connect by Bluetooth is amazing. To talk on the phone, watching video, or listening to music through both hearing aids with such great quality is something I would have never fathom possible even just a couple decades ago. This seriously improved my quality of life.

All this to say if you stick with MaryRose you won't regret it. She pays attention to the details and always seeks to improve our quality of life thru hearing.

William V.

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